AI and community support for your moderation

Our AI and our worldwide trusted community will flag suspicious accounts for you, if desired, and help you moderate more efficiently.

User is verified and marked as a Troll.List of users with one account that is marked as a hater.

Cross-platform AI analysis

Professional trolls are often difficult to detect. Our AI is trained to recognize typical login and verification behavior patterns to forewarn platforms.

Trusted community

Messages from qualified and sometimes randomly selected platforms makes it possible to mark conspicuous accounts as potential haters, trolls or bots for you, regardless of political beliefs or cultures.

Self-determined moderation

Accounts are flagged by us, but never blocked. Platforms themselves determine how they moderate their community. This approach is indispensable for an open and free Internet.

How it works

Keep in control and get valuable hints

Decide for yourself how to integrate account markers into your platform. Give your moderation team the help they need, when they need it.

Marked accounts
Suspicious accounts are marked by our AI or community. This marking helps you to recognize trolls, bots, haters, scammers, spammers and co. quickly and easily.
User is verified and marked as a hater
Community moderation
Become part of the Trusted community. Moderation teams warn each other there about potential trolls, bots and haters. A healthy mix of randomly and specifically selected platforms then results in a meaningful marker.
AI Moderation
Our AI is trained to detect conspicuous login, verification and registration behavior. For example, trolls are detected by setting the frequency of new registrations on similar platforms as a trigger point.

Get started

Without changeover to the new world of moderation

To use the markers for you, no changes are necessary. We simply send the markers with the usual data of the users. If you no longer need the markers, you can simply deactivate them again.

No adjustment required

In addition to the already known account information, we transmit the flag for each account. From this you can see whether an account has been flagged and what suspicion exists.

Flexible to use

You decide how you want to handle this information. Present to the moderation team only in general terms that the user has been flagged. Hide the information so that it has little impact on moderation, or feed it to your own AI.


Comprehensive data protection and full security

Trusted Accounts stands for the protection of users' data. No compromises are made for AI & community moderation either. This benefits you and your users.

Protected insight into user behavior

We can't track the behavior of an account on a platform ourselves, and that's fine. We count on the analysis of login behavior and the reports of our community. And so give you a new perspective on things.

Anonymized community reports

Incoming information from the community is also stored in such a way that it can no longer be assigned to the individual platforms. This is important so that no central office can trace which measures were taken against which account on which platform. It is only stored in frequency and abstract categories.

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