The easy and secure login

Allow your users to log in with their Trusted Account. The fast, easy, and truly trustworthy login for your community.

Login with Trusted button on a login form

Higher registration rate

Users who already have a Trusted Account can quickly and easily sign up on your platform. By signing up, they are also verified, which automatically increases the verification rate on your platform.

Alternative to data octopuses

Users know that we protect their data and do not sell it. Users who avoid logging in with Google or Facebook can switch to "Login with Trusted" to log in to your platform quickly and easily.

Save development effort

The "Login with Trusted" is implemented on your platform in a few minutes. You can even do without your own login and only offer the "Login with Trusted".

How it works

Login with the Trusted Account

We offer you flexible integration options for the login with Trusted. Decide for yourself where you want to place the login or signup button on your platform.

The login button
"Login with Trusted" works basically like the "Login with Google". Place the "Login with Trusted" button on your login page as the only login option or as one of many.
See Docs
Login with Trusted button on a platform
The Signup Button
Registrations via Trusted Accounts are also possible. Every account that registers on your platform via Trusted has been verified beforehand.
See Docs
Diverse application possibilities

Protected areas

Make certain areas accessible only to verified accounts or allow selected user actions only with verification.

Trusted badges

Give badges to verified accounts. Users will feel a sense of belonging to your platform and will be more loyal.

Prioritized users

Show content from verified users first. Their content tends to be higher quality.

Get started

Build on the trusted verification

Users who have already verified themselves with Trusted on your platform can then also log in with Trusted.

Certified and standardized API

We offer you a certified and standardized oAuth and OIDC interface. This standard is used by all known login providers. If you already have a "Login with ..." interface, you can reuse large parts of your code.

Multi-platform compatibility

All Trusted verification is compatible with multi-platform systems. This is relevant for you if you manage multiple platforms on which accounts have cross-platform IDs. Our support team will be happy to advise you on such a setup.

What is included in the price?

Consistent compliance

Anonymized data, cross-platform anonymity (for added protection) and distributed hosting that goes beyond the GDPR.

Personal support

We support you personally during the implementation and offer you our comprehensive knowledge base.

Reliable availability

We host in Europe and are designed for highest reliability. (Auto-scaling, load balancing, backup systems, etc.)

Documentation & UI

In our comprehensive documentation you will find code examples, as well as UI components for the buttons, color schemes and more.


With Trusted Accounts you can verify your users worldwide. Optionally, you can book AI and community support.

See pricing

€ 240

Startup Plan

€ 1.000

Growth Plan

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