User verification with full data privacy

Trusted Accounts is a not-for-profit company, that keeps all users' identities secret and puts privacy first. This increases your verification rate and allows you to moderate internet trolls and abusive users efficiently.

Why trust Trusted Accounts?
Popup on a platform that asks a user to verify with a Trusted Account to perform a specific action
A verified user gets a different ID per platform after verification to protect the users' privacy

Stop internet trolls and disinformation for a peaceful web

Every verification is a step towards a more peaceful web where internet trolls, disinformation, and digital assault have no place. Trusted Accounts gives away 100% of its profits to projects that fight disinformation and hate on the internet.

More about our purpose

Single-Sign-On with full privacy that keeps out internet trolls

Offer your users an alternative "Sign in with [...]" that protects their privacy. While building a more relevant community, where internet trolls, haters and disinformation have no place.

How to integrate SSO
Login screen on a platform that offers a standard login, the login with Trusted Accounts and one more third party Single-Sign-On option
Trusted Accounts encrypts all user data on user verification to protect user privacy

The balance between privacy and internet troll protection

We encrypt all user data in a way that not even we can read or pass it on anymore. We then split it up and distribute the data across multiple providers. Every user gets a new anonymous ID per platform. And we also release privacy transparency reports. This is what we call privacy by default.

More about privacy & purpose

We know that trust must be earned

To stop internet trolls, we have built a user verification that users trust.

Trusted Accounts' company structure assures that user privacy will always be our top priority. We use certified open-source solutions to verify users and analyse internet troll behavior.  With our earnings, we aim to transparently support projects all over the world that fight disinformation and hate on the internet to help it become a more peaceful place.

we've been awarded

What we stand for

Fighting trolls, hate and disinformation is our purpose

100% of our profits for a peaceful web.

Trusted Accounts invests its profits to help the internet become a more peaceful place. Supporting projects that stop disinformation and hate on the internet.

Full transparency

We regularly publish transparency reports about our finances, user privacy, the projects we support and the revenue we gain from our verifications, as well as our investments. No secrets.

More than privacy

For big tech, privacy often means that you and they should have access to your data. With Trusted Accounts, neither you nor we can access your data. Period.

Unite against internet trolls who manipulate opinions, divide societies, and attack individuals.

There are billions of potential internet trolls and fake accounts out there. Start bringing this number down by verifying yourself. Ask your favorite platforms to integrate Trusted Accounts.

Get verified
World map with verified accounts everywhere to stop internet trolls and disinformation around the world

Moderate internet trolls for more revenue

Profit from user verification and moderating internet trolls

Efficient moderation

With Trusted Accounts, more users verify. Verified accounts are easier to moderate and less likely to post abusive content in the first place. We analyse suspicious internet troll behavior across platforms. To mark suspicious accounts for you.

Chart on more efficient moderation with Trusted Accounts

Simple integration

Detect internet trolls more easily

More efficient moderation

Protect our society

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Increase revenue

A verified community is more relevant and attractive to both users and advertisement partners. Users stay longer on your platform. Your CTRs and ad impressions are of higher value, because they do not include internet trolls and bots.

Graph shows more advertising revenue for platforms using Trusted Accounts

More relevant community

More interactions

Longer retention times

Increased advertising revenue

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We are not in it for the money

A not-for-profit user verification service to combat internet trolls

Money is clearly not our motivation. We keep prices as low as possible to make it available to every platform who struggles with internet trolls, hate and disinformation. We even support platforms that can’t afford our verification financially.

Money is not our motivation. Ensuring our independence and existence is.

$ 0.15

per verification (We offer free trials and support platforms that can’t afford our verification.)

Get started

100% of our profits for a peaceful web.

Trusted Accounts invests its profits to help the Internet become a more peaceful place. We aim to support projects all over the world.

Free “Login with Trusted”

We will never charge platforms for letting users in. This ensures that platforms are able to keep their Trusted Accounts on their platform, even if they decide to quit their contract with us

Support for small platforms

We offer free trials and support platforms that can’t afford Trusted Accounts for their platform.

User verification service that makes more users verify

For privacy reasons most users don’t verify on a platform. Trusted Accounts acts as a third party to protect user privacy while verifying their integrity. More verified users mean less fake accounts and more efficient moderation. We aim to unite the internet to make it a more peaceful place.

Made for developers

Integrate full privacy user verification in less than 30 minutes

Trusted Accounts supports many open source oAuth and OIDC libraries and your favorite SSO WordPress plugin. Implement Trusted Accounts on your platform in under 30 minutes.

Works with your moderation tools

Libraries in over 24 languages

Certified oAuth2.0 & OIDC API

Versioned API changes

Email & Phone Support

Start integration
Code to implement "Verify with Trusted"

Verify with Trusted

Trusted Accounts is compatible with OIDC libraries in 24+ languages and with the most popular SSO and oAuth plugins.
View OIDC Libraries

Our supporters

Mag. Karin Dietl

„Digital trust starts with platforms taking their digital responsibility seriously to stop hate speech and fake news  on the Internet. Anyone who uses Trusted Accounts is sending a clear signal about a sustainable and digitally ethical platform economy.“

Mag. Karin Dietl

Self-employed data protection lawyer (CDPSE), lecturer FH Wien

CDR Austria about Trusted AccountsFH-Wien about Trusted AccountsWebsite-Datenschutz about Trusted Accounts
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