Growing a resilient society. For peace and social growth.

Trusted Accounts enables platforms to protect their community from bots and abusive users, ultimately building a society resilient to actors who try to divide it.


Give the internet back to the people.

Why is protecting our online communities so important? For years, leading media houses around the world have documented how organized bot farms and abusive users attack individuals, manipulate elections and divide societies. Open access to advanced authentic AI now drastically intensifies the problem. It is time to give the internet back to the people to counteract the increasing number of hate and disinformation that is diving our society.

For Community Platforms

Build human communities for sustainable revenue

Until now, you had to moderate your users without knowing if they were real people. Bad actors simply create new accounts when you moderate them. With Trusted Accounts, you can build real human communities where every user is trustworthy, dramatically increasing your moderation efficiency and creating a safe space for a more relevant community to thrive.
For Users

Join more authentic, relevant & human communities.

With Trusted Accounts, you can prove that you are a real and unique person on any of our partner platforms. This allows you to join authentic communities, interact with real people and discuss important topics online, undisturbed by bots and abusive users. Trusted Accounts protects your privacy and keeps your identity secret. All your data is anonymised, encrypted and decentralised.
Mission Statement

Enabling humans to thrive and flourish in online communities.

By protecting community platforms from bots and abusive users and creating safe spaces for humans where they can interact with each other through trustworthy technology.

Purpose Company

Trusted Accounts is structured as a for-purpose company and will always put its purpose before profit.

100% Trustworthy

Trusted Accounts publishes regular financial and privacy transparency reports to ensure full transparency.

Full User Privacy

Trusted Accounts anonymises, encrypts and decentralises all users' personal data. To protect every user's privacy at all levels.

„Anyone who uses Trusted Accounts is sending a clear signal about a sustainable and digitally ethical platform economy.”

Mag. Karin Dietl

Data Protection Lawyer (CDPSE), Lecturer FH Vienna

Logo FH Wien
Grow human communities

For Platforms

Moderate bots and abusive users efficiently and generate sustainable revenue by growing a more human and relevant community.

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Join human communities

For Humans

Join authentic communities, interact with real people and discuss important topics online, undisturbed from bots and abusive users.

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User start creating a new Trusted Account by entering an email address. The user get informed that Trusted Accounts protects the users privacy throughout the verification.User enters a password to create a Trusted AccountTrusted Accounts does some checks to verify the user is a real personUser enters phone number to verify the Trusted Account
Comment section of the Trusted Blog with the "Verify with Trusted" button

Try it out yourself

Create your own Trusted Account to experience the verification flow. Or try leaving a comment on the Trusted Blog to see the Trusted Accounts in action.

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