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The anonymous user verification to deal with recurring haters. Grow a community that has a lasting positive impact on our society.

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This is how easy it is for users to verify on any platform

Users create a verified Trusted Account to verify anonymously on your platform.

Your community

Seamlessly integratable protection for any app, platform, etc.

Don't want to keep moderating the same fake accounts on your platform over and over again? Offer your community a way to verify while everyone remains anonymous. With Trusted Accounts haters, trolls, bots, etc. can no longer circumvent your moderation measures.

Trusted Accounts offers flexible integration options. Our verification is suitable for platforms of any size and industry, including gaming, job, real estate, dating and news platforms, for polls, chats and more.

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Verification for trustful sellersVerified lobby for safe gaming
Verification for comments on sensitive articles
Verification and anonymisation process runningSuccessful verification process
We leave nothing to be desired

Made for developers

Trusted Accounts supports many open source oAuth and OIDC libraries and your favorite SSO WordPress plugin. Implement Trusted Accounts on your platform in under 30 minutes.

Works with your moderation tools

Libraries in over 24 languages

certified oAuth2.0 & OIDC API

Versioned API changes

Email & Phone Support

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Code-Example for Implementation
Verify with Trusted
Trusted Accounts is compatible with OIDC libraries in 24+ languages and with the most popular SSO and oAuth plugins.
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Less moderation effort

Only one account can be created per person. Haters, trolls and bots can no longer bypass your moderation. This saves time, costs and protects the mental health of your team.

Build your dream community

Gain an advantage over other platforms by protecting your community from fake accounts without losing a single user. Offer your users a safe and fun environment.

Protection from professional trolls

Become part of the Trusted network. Moderation teams warn each other about haters, trolls, and bots. Our AI also supports this network by detecting suspicious behavior.

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The integration that suits you best

Trusted Accounts offers you flexible integration options. Choose your favorite way to integrate Trusted Accounts on your platform.

Verify with Trusted

Place the "Verify with Trusted" button wherever you want to allow only verified accounts. Protect your entire platform or selected areas.
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Verifiy with Trusted Button, implemented on a platform

Login with Trusted

Allow your users to log in to your platform with their Trusted Account. The registration hurdle is lowered and your verification rate increases automatically.
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More ways

Protected areas

Make certain areas accessible only to verified accounts or allow selected user actions only with verification.

Trusted Badges

Give badges to verified accounts. Users will feel a sense of belonging to your platform and will be more loyal.

Prioritized users

Show content from verified users first. Their content tends to be higher quality.

More efficient moderation

Increase your profit

KI & Community-Moderation

Trolls are often difficult to recognize. Our AI recognizes conspicuous login behavior across platforms and our community reports conspicuous users to us. We mark these for you to make moderation easier.

Graph shows less moderation costs for platforms using Trusted Accounts

Simple integration

Detect trolls more easily

More efficient moderation

Save costs

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More advertising revenue

If you can trust your community, you can also offer them more freedom. This leads to more interactions among users. They stay longer, which in turn leads to higher advertising revenues.

Graph shows more advertising revenue for platforms using Trusted Accounts

More free space for users

More interactions

Longer retention times

Increased advertising revenue

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Security and compliance without compromise

Trusted Account not only complies with the latest security and data protection standards, but also sets new standards.

Complete compliance

We store all user data in such a way that not even we can read it anymore. We not only comply with the GDPR, but go beyond it. Our data is distributed across multiple providers in Europe so that even data centers can't put the data in context.

More about data protection
High security

We use certified tools and technologies for Trusted Accounts that have been tested millions of times over the years to provide the high level of security for platforms and users.

Mag. Karin Dietl

„Digital trust starts with platforms taking their digital responsibility seriously to stop hate speech and fake news  on the Internet. Anyone who uses Trusted Accounts is sending a clear signal about a sustainable and digitally ethical platform economy.“

Mag. Karin Dietl

Self-employed data protection lawyer (CDPSE), lecturer FH Wien

CDR Austria about Trusted AccountsFH-Wien about Trusted AccountsWebsite-Datenschutz about Trusted Accounts


With Trusted Accounts you can verify your users worldwide. Optionally, you can book AI and community support.

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€ 240

Startup Plan

€ 1.000

Growth Plan

Choose your level of security

Different verification levels

Choose what suits your community best. Remember: No matter what you choose, your users remain anonymous. We anonymize all verification data.

Phone number

People are verified by their phone number. Only one account can be created per phone number. Your users remain anonymous. We anonymize all verification data.
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