We believe in an open and peaceful Internet.

That's why we developed Trusted Accounts - to put hate and fake news in its place.

Daniel Nussbaum und Ludwig Thoma stehen nebeneinander
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We are convinced.

People around the world exchange information via the Internet. What we read and experience on the Internet strongly influences how we live, work, what we know, our relationships, and our environment.

Allowing moderation teams to get grip on disinformation while allowing constructive discussions is important to create a strong awareness of overall societal challenges such as climate change, health crises and wars.

We offer the necessary tools to put fake news and hate in its place.

Contact us
Ludwig Thoma Portrait (Co-Founder Trusted Accounts)
Ludwig Thoma
Founder / Technical
Daniel Nussbaum Portrait (Co-Founder Trusted Accounts)
Daniel Öttl
Co-Founder / Design
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