Together against hate speech

Platforms use Trusted Accounts to protect you from hate, fake news, and bots. Verify without revealing your identity and become part of a peaceful internet.

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Block out haters, trolls, bots from your platform

Simple verification

Verify your account easily with your phone number in less than a minute. With this account you can then log in to all platforms that use Trusted Accounts.

Real anonymity

We store all your data so that not even we know who you are. You can create only one account per phone number. This way we enable the first anonymous verification.

Protection from hate and fake news

Trusted accounts are used by platforms to protect themselves from haters and trolls. Many platforms offer more features to verified accounts. Verify your account and get access.

How it works

Remain anonymous and participate in constructive discussions.

Decide for yourself which platform you want to entrust which information about you. We verify you and your community, but will never share your data with third parties.

Get your Trusted Badge
Once you are verified, you get the Trusted badge. Not only does it look cool, it also lets other users know that you are trustworthy. Your content becomes more relevant to the community.
Trusted Accounts Badge
Many platforms, one login
Log in with your Trusted account on all platforms that offer the login with Trusted. Unlike the well-known "Login with ...", we do not sell your data and do not share it with the platforms.
Privacy and anonymity
We store all your data that we need for verification, even unreadable for us. For example, an unreadable mumble of numbers and letters is generated from your phone number, which no one can convert back into its original form. This way we guarantee that you are and remain anonymous even to us, despite your verification.
Anonymous across platforms
On every platform where you verify yourself, you get a new identity from us. This way, platforms can't share data about you with each other. For example, if a platform has your payment information, this information cannot be linked to any of your anonymous accounts on other platforms.

Try it

Create your Trusted Account and use it to log in to a platform that allows verified Trusted Accounts.

Create your Trusted Account
I was banned on one platform, does this affect other platforms?
No, each platform moderates its users at its own discretion. If you are banned from one platform or other moderation measures are taken, this will not be taken over on any other platform.
Are I anonymous through Trusted Accounts on the platforms?
We do not tell the platform who you are. But beware, this does not automatically make you anonymous. For example, platforms may always store your IP address when you visit, which has nothing to do with trusted accounts. Technologies like the Tor Project can help here.
How can you keep my data anonymous and verify me at the same time?
We verify users with their phone or passport number. We then encrypt this information so that even we can no longer read it. To do this, we use the hashing method. We can mathematically ensure that the same phone or passport number does not create another account.
How much will a Trusted Account or verification cost me?
Your Trusted Account is free of charge. Also, we do not sell your data. The platforms pay for the verification. In return, they benefit from more discussions on their platform, less cheaters in their games, tamper-proof anonymous polls, less moderation effort and much more.
My identity was raised by a platform, does everyone know who I am now?
No, you have a different ID on each platform. You decide which platform you want to share which data with. Platforms cannot share information about you among themselves.
What does Trusted Accounts know about me?
You can assume that we want to store as little about your identity as possible. Our service is based on verifying people and then anonymizing them. This distinguishes us from other verification services and is our USP, our selling point.
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