User risk scoring

Analyze user behavior and recognize suspicious troll & bot activity to optimize your moderation efforts.

Decrease in moderation costsIncrease in community growth

Detect Trolls & Bots

Detect Trolls & Bots faster with a trusted user risk scoring based on the user environment and behavior. Increase the effectiveness of your moderation and with it the quality of the user-generated content on your platform.

Reduction in bots, increase in content quality
Full user privacy

Full privacy

Trusted Account is privacy by default. Use Trusted Accounts to detect suspicious behavior while protecting user privacy.

Stop wasting time on bots and trolls.

Reduce moderation costs with a human community.

Reduce costs
Reduce legal risks
Content Quality
Increase Revenue

Frequently asked questions

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What is User Risk Scoring?

User Risk Scoring is a system that assesses the potential risk associated with user behavior and activities. It assigns users a risk score based on a variety of factors, helping organizations proactively mitigate security threats and more effectively moderate trolls and bots.

How does this system protect user privacy?

Our user risk scoring system prioritizes user privacy by anonymizing data, using only non-personally identifiable information (non-PII) for scoring, and adhering to strict data protection regulations. We ensure that personal details are not exposed or misused.

What factors contribute to a user's risk score?

Factors include login patterns, user behavior, device and location information, access times, the sensitivity of accessed data, etc. The system analyzes these factors to detect anomalies and potential risks. The risk score is calculated using advanced algorithms and machine learning models that analyze the collected data.

How can organizations integrate this user risk scoring system?

Our user risk scoring system is designed for easy integration with existing security infrastructure. We provide APIs, SDKs, and comprehensive documentation to facilitate seamless integration with various platforms and applications.

Can this system be customized for specific organizational needs?

Yes, our user risk scoring system is highly customizable. We work closely with organizations to tailor the system to their specific security requirements and risk management strategies. For further questions or more detailed information, please contact our support team or visit our website.

Is Trusted Accounts impact oriented?

Trusted Accounts' mission is to give the Internet back to the people and fight the spread of disinformation and hate. All verification data resides with a non-profit organization that ensures all data is completely anonymized. Trusted Accounts is completely transparent. We publish regular financial and privacy reports and support non-profit organizations with a similar mission.

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