Investment in a relevant online community

Flexible pricing. Transparently stay in control of your costs at all times.

Test it for free!


$ 24,-

per month

30-day free trial

200 verifications/mo.

Unlimited logins

$ 0.25

for every additional verification


$ 120,-

per month

30-day free trial

1.000 verif./mo.

Unlimited logins

$ 0.19

for every additional verification



per month

Contact us

1000+ verif./mo.

Unlimited logins

Premium Support

Can not afford Trusted Accounts?
We support organisations that can not afford our services. We believe that everyone should be able to become part of a more peaceful web.
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What is included in the price?

All the features you need to build a trusted community.

Consistent compliance

  • Anonymized data
  • Cross-platform anonymity (For additional protection)
  • Distributed hosting and systems
  • Data splitting for providers and hosts

Documentation and UI components

  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Code examples
  • Components for badges, buttons and info banners
  • Best Practice

High security and availability

  • Hosting in Europe
  • Automated scaling and load balancing
  • Replicated data on distributed systems
  • Fail-safe

E-mail and telephone support

  • Technical support for developers
  • Personal support
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Call and SMS verification

  • Worldwide verification
  • Reliable delivery
  • Optimized for users

Multiplatform compatibility

  • Cross-platform IDs
  • Integration support
  • Flexible setup

Add more packages

Login with Trusted

Enable users with an existing Trusted Account to quickly log in to your website.
Learn more

AI and Community Moderation

Benefit from an AI and community that warns you about potentially dangerous accounts and flags them for you.
Learn more

Additional verification levels

Choose a higher verification level to protect yourself from professional troll factories.
Learn more

You have special requirements?

With Trusted Accounts you can verify your users worldwide, no matter if they are anonymous or not.

Talk to our sales team
How does the free trial period work?
Every new customer is automatically credited with a trial period. The trial period lasts for 30 days. This is to give you the opportunity to test Trusted Accounts for your platform and see how users interact with it.
Will it cost me extra to send the SMS?
No, the cost of the SMS sent for the verification of a user is already included in the verification costs. We handle the whole verification process for you.
Will a canceled verification cost me?
Sometimes users cancel the verification process. You do not have to pay for a cancelled verification. You only pay for users who complete their verification process for your platform.
How does the billing work?
At the end of each month (or billing cycle), we will send you your statement via email according to the services and usages received.

Simple implementation

We use certified OAuth2.0 and OpenID technologies. Add Trusted Accounts to your platform in no time*, no matter what technology you use.

*no time means in under 30 minutes

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