Human verification

Allow users to prove they are real and unique humans without revealing their identity.

verified useruser flagged as troll or botuser verification with full privacydecrease in moderation costsincrease in user engagement
full user privacy protection

Protect User Privacy

Most users do not want to reveal their identity on community platforms. Trusted Accounts is a revolutionary approach to user verification that prioritizes anonymity without compromising security.

All user data is anonymized. Not even we know who the user is. But we verify the user is real, unique and can not create multiple fake accounts.

Grow a Trusted Community

Grow a more trustworthy community for more meaningful user interactions on your platform. Protect your users’ privacy to maximize your verification rate.

increase verification rate, decrease abusive content, increase user content quality

Efficient community moderation

Stop recurring haters, trolls and bots from spreading disinformation and hate. Prevent abusive users from creating multiple fake accounts. Drastically reduce your moderation costs.

Optimize your revenue streams

Make data-driven decisions and optimize your revenue streams for sustainable growth. Create an attractive environment for advertisers where they do not have to advertise next to hate and disinformation.

Stop wasting time on bots and trolls.

Reduce moderation costs with a human community.

Reduce costs
Reduce legal risks
Content Quality
Increase Revenue

Allow authentic users from more than 150+ countries and regions to join.

Big brands trust in us.

Develop a solution tailored to your specific business needs, driving growth efficiently and dynamically.

Der Standard Logo

„In Trusted Accounts, we see the potential to increase our verification rate and thus be able to moderate fake accounts, trolls, hate and disinformation more efficiently.”

Florian Stambula

Head of Product, DER STANDARD

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Trusted Accounts.

What is Trusted Accounts?

Trusted Accounts is a impact-oriented company providing solutions to community platforms to stop trolls and bots to fight disinformation, hate and abuse. With Trusted Accounts users are able to prove they are real and unique while staying anonymous. Drastically increasing your verification rate and allowing you to grow a human community.

What makes Trusted Accounts different?

Trusted Accounts is not just another user verification/KYC (Know Your Customer) service. KYC services verify user information (identity, address) using methods like document verification and biometric scans. However, these methods see low verification rates on news and community platforms (less than 10%). Simply due to the effort users have to go through (app download, id scans, face scans) and privacy concerns. A KYC verification is also quite expensive.

Trusted Accounts is an innovative proof-of-personhood service optimized for community platforms. We verify that a user is real and unique. We do not verify the identity of a user. This allows us to offer:

  • Low Verification Barrier: Because we do not have to verify the identity of the user we can use a combination of low-barrier verification methods like phone verification or browser fingerprinting. No app download needed, verified within 15 seconds and cheaper.
  • Anonymity and Privacy: Many users do not want to reveal their identity to a KYC provider to comment or post on a community platform. Trusted Accounts fully anonymizes all verification data, so that everyone can become part of a more human web. (Here is our blog post on privacy.)
  • Reusable Verification: A verified Trusted Account is reusable across all partner platforms. Once a user is verified on one platform, he or she can verify on all partner platforms in just one click. Further increasing verification rates.
What services does Trusted Accounts offer?

We will equip you with our innovative and privacy-preserving tools to grow a more human community. But we also know that one alone can not safe the world. This is why we review your current moderation, challenges and goals to also introduce you to fitting tools from our Trusted Partners.

How much does Trusted Accounts cost?

Our flexible pricing model adapts to the needs and size of your platform. We offer special discounts for startups and nonprofits, as well as customized plans for businesses. Contact our sales team for a customized plan.

Is Trusted Accounts impact oriented?

Trusted Accounts' mission is to give the Internet back to the people and fight the spread of disinformation and hate. All verification data resides with a non-profit organization that ensures all data is completely anonymized. Trusted Accounts is completely transparent. We publish regular financial and privacy reports and support non-profit organizations with a similar mission.

Getting started is easy.

3 simple steps for a more human web.

Step 1

Talk to our experts

We review your current moderation and security processes, challenges and goals.

Step 2

Personal action plan

Get your action plan including best-practice prototypes and integration support.

Step 3

Grow your community

See your community grow with less moderation effort.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your community?

Talk to us
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