Browser Fingerprinting

Recognize your users without cookies and know if they are unique without user verification. Protect your community and news platform with cutting-edge browser fingerprinting technology.

Anonymous User ProfileAnonymous User Fingerprint

Enhance Security

Prevent fraudulent activities and unauthorized access. Detect and mitigate spam and abusive behavior.

Reduction in bots, increase in content quality
Full user privacy

Protect Content & Accurate Analytics

Guard against unauthorized scraping and content theft. Enhance audience segmentation and ad targeting. Filter out bot traffic for more accurate engagement metrics.

Stop wasting time on bots and trolls.

Reduce moderation costs with a human community.

Reduce costs
Reduce legal risks
Content Quality
Increase Revenue

Big brands trust in us.

Develop a solution tailored to your specific business needs, driving growth efficiently and dynamically.

Der Standard Logo

„In Trusted Accounts, we see the potential to increase our verification rate and thus be able to moderate fake accounts, trolls, hate and disinformation more efficiently.”

Florian Stambula

Head of Product, DER STANDARD

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Trusted Accounts or just try it out yourself by claiming your very own anonymous Trusted Account.

What is browser fingerprinting?

Browser fingerprinting is a technique that collects various attributes of a user’s browser and device to create a unique identifier or "fingerprint" for that user. This helps in identifying and tracking users without relying on cookies.

Is browser fingerprinting safe for user privacy?

When implemented responsibly, browser fingerprinting can be safe for user privacy. It is essential to anonymize collected data, comply with privacy laws, and be transparent with users about data collection practices.

How accurate is browser fingerprinting?

Browser fingerprinting is highly accurate in identifying unique users. However, its effectiveness can be enhanced when combined with other security measures and data points.

Can browser fingerprinting be used to improve ad targeting?

Yes, browser fingerprinting can enhance ad targeting by providing more accurate user identification and segmentation. This allows for more personalized and relevant advertising experiences.

How much does browser fingerprinting cost?

Our flexible pricing model adapts to the needs and size of your platform. We offer special discounts for startups and nonprofits, as well as customized plans for businesses. Contact our sales team for a customized plan.

Is Trusted Accounts impact oriented?

Trusted Accounts is on a mission to give the internet back to the people, fighting the spread of disinformation and hate. We publish regular data privacy and financial reports and use parts of our profits to support similar projects.

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3 simple steps for a more human web.

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Step 2

Personal action plan

Get your action plan including best-practice prototypes and integration support.

Step 3

Grow your community

See your community grow with less moderation effort.

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