Optimized for Community Platforms

Grow a more humane community.

Save up to 90% of moderation workload, stay relevant as a platform and become more attractive to advertisers.


Shows verified anonymous Trusted Account profile that proves the user is a real human.

Why Trusted Accounts?

Trusted Accounts is a high-priority must-have.

Efficient moderation

Save up to 90% of moderation workload by cutting out spammers, scammers, recurring trolls and bots.

Community Growth

50% do no longer trust the information they see online. Trusted Accounts is a must to stay relevant as a platform.

Increase revenue

Real human communities have conversion rates far higher than toxic communities and attract more advertisers.

Decide for yourself

Compare to other methods

Trusted Accounts is the first trustworthy proof-of-personhood service with full privacy and optimized for community platforms.

Comparison of Trusted Accounts with other methods. Shows that Trusted Accounts has clear advantages.

Trusted Accounts

Proof-of-Personhood service with full user privacy, anonymizing all verification data.

Lvl 1: Phone number
Highest verification rate, VoIP protection, provider checks

Lvl 2: ID & Others
Lower verification rate, highest security, ID scans, selfie checks

Trusted Accounts encrypts all user data on user verification to protect user privacy
A verified user gets a different ID per platform after verification to protect the users' privacy

Trusted Moderation

User risk scoring with cross-platform troll flagging and moderation.

User Risk Scoring
Analysing user verification behaviour across platforms for additional user risk scoring.

Cross-Platform Moderation
Allows platforms to help each other with moderation by flagging trolls.

Verified in 2 minutes

Trustworthy user verification

Most users do not verify themselves online for privacy reasons. But not with Trusted Accounts. Users trust that Trusted Accounts keeps their data safe.

Verify with Trusted Button
Prove you are a real person while protecting your privacy.

Place this button on your platform to start the verification

User start creating a new Trusted Account by entering an email address. The user get informed that Trusted Accounts protects the users privacy throughout the verification.User enters a password to create a Trusted AccountTrusted Accounts does some checks to verify the user is a real personUser enters phone number to verify the Trusted Account

"In Trusted Accounts, we see the potential to increase our verification rate and thus be able to moderate fake accounts, trolls, hate and disinformation more efficiently."

Florian Stambula

Head of Product, DER STANDARD

Logo Der Standard

„Anyone who uses Trusted Accounts is sending a clear signal about a sustainable and digitally ethical platform economy.”

Karin Dietl

Self-employed data protection lawyer (CDPSE), lecturer FH Wien

Logo FH Wien

„We at VSDI hope that Trusted Accounts will soon be used on many online platforms to moderate disinformation and hate on the Internet more efficiently.”

Christian Wilke

Managing Director VSDI e. V., Bundesdruckerei GmbH

Comment section of the Trusted Blog with the "Verify with Trusted" button

Try it out yourself

Create your own Trusted Account to experience the verification flow. Or try leaving a comment on the Trusted Blog to see the Trusted Accounts in action.

We leave nothing to be desired

Made for developers

Trusted Accounts supports many open-source oAuth and OIDC libraries and your favorite SSO WordPress plugin. Implement Trusted Accounts on your platform in under 30 minutes.

Works with your moderation tools

Libraries in over 24 languages

Certified oAuth2.0 & OIDC API

Versioned API changes

Email & Phone Support

Read the docs
Code to implement "Verify with Trusted"

Verify with Trusted

Trusted Accounts is compatible with OIDC libraries in 24+ languages and with the most popular SSO and oAuth plugins.
View OIDC Libraries


Servers are located in Europe

We walk our talk

A fully transparent Purpose Company

Money is not our motivation. Ensuring our independence, trustworthiness and existence is.

We support platforms that can’t afford our verification services.

Start free trial

Start now to get a 30-day free trial.

Our profits for a peaceful web.

Trusted Accounts helps make the internet a more peaceful place by transparently supporting projects that fight disinformation and hate online.

Full transparency

We regularly publish transparency reports about our finances, user privacy, the projects we support and the revenue we gain from our verifications, as well as our investments. No secrets.

More than privacy

For Big Tech, privacy often means that you and they should have access to your data. At Trusted Accounts, we believe no one should have access to your data. Period.

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