Earn while forming a better internet.

You now have the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause by promoting a more human internet - start earning today!

There are billions of fake accounts, trolls and bots out there trying to divide our society.

Be part of the solution: Empower users to prove they are real and unique while protecting their privacy. Let’s shape more human online communities with Trusted Accounts.

World map with verified accounts everywhere to stop internet trolls and disinformation around the world

Let's change the Web.

In a world where many users hesitate to verify their accounts due to privacy concerns, the internet becomes a playground for trolls and bots, spreading disinformation and hate. But we're on a mission to rewrite this story.

Communities where real people can interact.

Within two minutes, users are guided through our fast, easy-to-use and trustworthy proof-of-personhood process, allowing them to prove they are real and unique. All data is encrypted and kept secret.

Trusted Accounts encrypts all user data on user verification to protect user privacy
A verified user gets a different ID per platform after verification to protect the users' privacy

For humanity.

Every unique and real person is a step towards a better internet where trolls, disinformation, and digital assault have no place. Platforms benefit from less moderation effort and real, authentic interactions.

"In Trusted Accounts, we see the potential to increase our verification rate and thus be able to moderate fake accounts, trolls, hate and disinformation more efficiently."

Florian Stambula

Head of Product, DER STANDARD

Logo Der Standard

„Anyone who uses Trusted Accounts is sending a clear signal about a sustainable and digitally ethical platform economy.”

Karin Dietl

Self-employed data protection lawyer (CDPSE), lecturer FH Wien

Logo FH Wien

„We at VSDI hope that Trusted Accounts will soon be used on many online platforms to moderate disinformation and hate on the Internet more efficiently.”

Christian Wilke

Managing Director VSDI e. V., Bundesdruckerei GmbH


We’ll happily pay you 25% commission to spread the word about it.

How our affiliate program works

1. Register

Join our program and get your custom link to start tracking conversions.

2. Promote

Use any channel to share promotional materials, such as articles, tutorials, or case studies.

3. Earn

Get 25% of recurring monthly commission for every new Trusted Accounts subscription.

We pay recurring commissions for your success

Earn 25% commission with every customer subscription renewal. See how your earnings grow with just a few successful referrals per month.

how your earnings grow with just a few successful referrals per month.how your earnings grow with just a few successful referrals per month.

Every referral you make leads to continuous income flowing into your bank account for months (or even years) ahead.

Upon becoming an affiliate partner, here's what you receive:

Recurring commission

Receive 25% of the cost of your customer's payment

Passive income

Your referral ID simplifies the connection to your audience that signs up to Trusted Accounts

Long cookies

Your cookie lasts 60 days and works on a “Last click” attribution basis

Insider access

You can request access to beta test some of Trusted Accounts new features

Promotional support

Get access to promo materials to help you maximize your earning potential

Conversion tracking

Log in to our portal to track your performance and revenue

Unlimited earnings

We’ll pay you for as many sales as you can make

Easy to get started

You can apply right now

What do our most successful partners look like?

Your primary goal is to generate income, and we share in your success. Therefore, here are the characteristics we've observed in our most successful marketers.

You know how to educate people

Whether you operate a consulting agency, produce video tutorials, or engage in similar activities, your expertise lies in educating your audience about new technologies. Trusted Accounts represents a new tech concept that may need some explanation.

You have connections to  online community platforms

You are connected with bloggers, social media managers, developers, or moderators who would appreciate discovering how Trusted Accounts can enhance their efforts in building more robust online communities.

You LOVE Trusted Accounts

Authentic enthusiasm is hard to fake. Our most successful partners wholeheartedly believe that Trusted Accounts is what the world needs right now, and they openly share this conviction with their community.

How to Promote Trusted Accounts. Dos & Don’ts.

For a detailed breakdown of our affiliate program regulations, please check here!

How to promote Trusted Accounts. Dos & Don'tsHow to promote Trusted Accounts. Dos & Don'ts


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to become an affiliate?
Anyone who publishes marketing-related content to relevant audiences can apply.
Do I need to be a Trusted Accounts customer?
No, but being one gives you more credibility :-)
How do I sign up?
Simply click on one of the buttons above to sign up. Once approved, you can immediately begin to promote Trusted Accounts.
When will I be paid?
Payments are made on your request.
Does it cost anything to be a Trusted affiliate?
No, and it never will. Our affiliate program is free for everyone. We pay you. Not the other way around (duh!).
What is the minimum commission you pay for referring a new customer?
Our baseline commission is 25%.
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