How we keep our users anonymous and build a better web.

How does Trusted Accounts keep me anonymous?
First, we store your phone number separately. So that it can not even theoretically be linked to your account. We then additionally encrypt all your data by hashing it. This means that not even we can read it anymore. Then we split the data up to store parts and bits of it on different providers across different countries. So that none of them have access to all the encrypted data. We have made it technically impossible for us to reveal any verification data of our users, even if we were forced to do so.
Should I use a username instead of an email for security reasons?
We encrypt every email address, but we have to store it with the users' profile to allow a user to log in. That means bad actors could potentially steal it or we could be forced by law to give the encrypted data out. It could then get decrypted by a third party with high efforts. For high-risk users that want to avoid this unlikely case, we suggest to use usernames. But be aware that this means that you can not reset your password if you ever forget it.
I told a platform that is linked to my Trusted Account who I am. Can they now tell everybody?
You automatically get a different Trusted-Accounts-ID for each platform you verify on. So a platform also cannot share information about you with another platform without your consent. You decide which platform you want to share which data with.
I was banned on one platform, does this affect my accounts on other platforms?
No, each platform moderates its users at its own discretion. If you are banned from one platform or other moderation measures are taken, this will not be taken over on any other platform.
How much will a Trusted Account or verification cost me?
Your Trusted Account is free of charge. Also, we obviously do not sell your data. The platforms pay for the verification. In return, they benefit from fewer fake accounts, a more relevant community, less moderation effort, and much more.
Is Trusted Accounts all I need to stay anonymous on the Internet?
We keep your verification data secret. But there is more to consider if you want to really stay completely anonymous online. For example, platforms may store your IP address when you visit. This has nothing to do with Trusted Accounts. Technologies like the Tor Project can help here.
Full Privacy
We protect the privacy of all trusted accounts and keep their identity a secret. Even if we were forced to hand out user data, we couldn't.
Platforms can not share user data with each other
The verification can not be used by the platforms to share user information with each other. Trusted Accounts has built an additional layer of security to protect user privacy.
Verified Community
Join trusted online communities with your Trusted Account. Don't let fake accounts, bots and trolls bother you.

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