A not-for-profit for a more human internet.

Trusted Accounts is a not-for-profit company. We use our profits to support organisations that help build a more humane web.

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Privacy by default

We encrypt all user data in a way that not even we can read or pass it on anymore. Every real and unique person gets a new anonymous ID per platform. We release privacy transparency reports, and go beyond the standards. This is what we call privacy by default.

Trusted Accounts encrypts all user data on user verification to protect user privacy
A verified user gets a different ID per platform after verification to protect the users' privacy

Stop internet trolls and disinformation for a peaceful web

Every verification is a step towards a more peaceful web where internet trolls, disinformation, and digital assault have no place. Choosing Trusted Accounts is a statement.

Trust is given, not earned.

Trusted Accounts' charter ensures that privacy is always our top priority. We are structured as a not-for-profit company and focus on full transparency.

What we stand for

Fighting trolls, hate and disinformation is our purpose

Our profits for a peaceful web.

Trusted Accounts helps make the internet a more peaceful place by transparently supporting projects that fight disinformation and hate online.

Full transparency

We regularly publish transparency reports about our finances, user privacy, the projects we support and the revenue we gain from our verifications, as well as our investments. No secrets.

More than privacy

For big tech, privacy often means that you and they should have access to your data. With Trusted Accounts, neither you nor we can access your data. Period.

Unite against internet trolls who manipulate opinions, divide societies, and attack individuals.

Artificial Intelligence has become too authentic. Communities that want to stay relevant and real have to start verifying their users. Trusted Accounts provides you with a verification service that unites user experience, full privacy, security and moderability.

Get verified
World map with verified accounts everywhere to stop internet trolls and disinformation around the world

Moderate internet trolls for more revenue

Profit from user verification and moderating internet trolls

Efficient moderation

With Trusted Accounts, more users verify. Verified accounts are easier to moderate and less likely to post abusive content in the first place.

Chart on more efficient moderation with Trusted Accounts

Simple integration

Detect internet trolls more easily

More efficient moderation

Protect our society

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Increase advertising revenue

A verified community is more relevant and attractive to both users and advertisement partners. Users stay longer on your platform.

Graph shows more advertising revenue for platforms using Trusted Accounts

More relevant community

More interactions

Longer retention times

Increased advertising revenue

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