April 21, 2022

How to bring discussions from social media to your platform

Platforms that build up a trustworthy community through tools such as trusted accounts are attracting more and more social media users back to their own platform. This means that the many years of building up large moderation teams on the platforms is now paying off twice over.

Users are increasingly looking for places where they can hold constructive discussions online. Platforms that have already placed a lot of emphasis on moderation are now benefiting from the possibility of quickly incorporating genuine anonymous verification for users.

This makes everyday life easier for the platforms because haters, trolls and bots can no longer circumvent moderation measures. At the same time, the qualified moderation team automatically and continuously builds up a trustworthy community in which constructive discussions can take place. Users appreciate this, increasingly leave the large social media platforms, with poor moderation and become part of a trustworthy community.

The accounts remain anonymous and the moderation benefits from the fact that only one account can be created per person. Those who value moderation and want to bring discussions from social media to their own platform will rely on the anonymous verification of trusted accounts in 2022.