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Offer a full privacy SSO alternative to your users and allow them to sign in with Trusted. Simply place the button on your platform.

How to integrate
Login screen on a platform that offers a standard login, the login with Trusted Accounts and one more third party Single-Sign-On option
A verified user gets a different ID per platform after verification to protect the users' privacy

Fight for a better internet

Every sign-in is a step towards a better internet where trolls, disinformation, and digital assault have no place. Trusted Accounts protects user privacy while allowing platforms to efficiently protect their communities from fake accounts.

Why trust Trusted Accounts?

SSO how it should be done

Trusted Accounts has developed a method to keep users identities a secret, while preventing fake accounts. Trusted Accounts is a purpose company and privacy by default.

More about privacy & purpose
Trusted Accounts encrypts all user data on user verification to protect user privacy

Verification how it should be done

With Trusted Accounts, you put privacy first. Trusted Accounts has developed a method to keep users identities a secret, while preventing fake accounts.

Trusted Accounts encrypts all user data on user verification to protect user privacy
With the sign in with Trusted button, users get an alternative sign in to the ones from the data octopuses while still enjoying the benefits of a Sign-Sign-On (SSO) with full data privacy.

Allow trusted accounts to login on your platform

Place the “Login with Trusted” button on your platform to allow verified accounts to join your platform.

Trusted users can not bypass your moderation

Let's say you ban a Trusted Account for two days. Since it's a Trusted Account, the user can't just come back with a fake account. Your moderation cannot be bypassed and you have more time to build a relevant community.

All user data gets encrypted directly after the user verified and proofed that he or she is no internet troll
A verified user gets a different ID per platform after verification to protect the users' privacy

User privacy is protected across platforms

The trusted verification can not be used by the platforms to share user information with each other. Trusted Accounts has built an additional layer of security to protect user from that.

Moderation the way it should be

Trusted Accounts has no influence on the moderation. Each platform has its own rules and regulations, which are also enforced by the platforms or their partners - not by us.

The verify with Trusted button allows users to verify themselves while their privacy is protected to join communities without trolls and abusive users

Verify existing accounts

With the “Verify with Trusted” button users that are already registered can verify their account within 10 seconds.

A purpose company

We know that trust must be earned

Trusted Accounts' company structure assures that user privacy will always be our top priority. We use certified open-source solutions and independent audits to sign-in users.  With our earnings, we aim to transparently support projects all over the world that help the internet to become a more peaceful place.

Privacy is in our DNA

What we stand for

100% of our revenue for a peaceful web.

Trusted Accounts invests its revenue to help the internet become a more peaceful place. Supporting projects that help protect user privacy and fighting fake accounts all over the world.

Full transparency

Inform yourself at any time about the projects we support and the revenue we gain from our verifications, as well as our investments. No secrets.

More than privacy

Big tech often defines privacy in the way that you and they have access to your data. We believe that no one should be able to access your verification data. Period.

Every user makes the internet a more peaceful place. Become part of the movement.

There are billions of potential fake accounts out there. Start bringing this number down.

Get verified
World map with verified accounts everywhere to stop internet trolls and disinformation around the world
Efficient moderation

Deal with trolls & disinformation

Efficient moderation

Trolls are difficult to keep out. We aim to use our central position to detect suspicious authentication and verification behavior across platforms. To mark suspicious accounts for you when attacks happen.

Graph shows less moderation costs for platforms using Trusted Accounts

Simple integration

Detect trolls more easily

More efficient moderation

Protect our society

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Increase revenue

A verified community is more relevant and attractive to both users and advertisement partners. Users stay longer on your platform while you can proof to your partners that your CTRs are of higher value.

Graph shows more advertising revenue for platforms using Trusted Accounts

More relevant community

More interactions

Longer retention times

Increased advertising revenue

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We leave nothing to be desired

Made for developers

Trusted Accounts supports many open source oAuth and OIDC libraries and your favorite SSO WordPress plugin. Implement Trusted Accounts on your platform in under 30 minutes.

Works with your moderation tools

Libraries in over 24 languages

certified oAuth2.0 & OIDC API

Versioned API changes

Email & Phone Support

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Code to implement "Verify with Trusted"
Verify with Trusted
Trusted Accounts is compatible with OIDC libraries in 24+ languages and with the most popular SSO and oAuth plugins.
View OIDC Libraries
our supporters
Mag. Karin Dietl

„Digital trust starts with platforms taking their digital responsibility seriously to stop hate speech and fake news  on the Internet. Anyone who uses Trusted Accounts is sending a clear signal about a sustainable and digitally ethical platform economy.“

Mag. Karin Dietl

Self-employed data protection lawyer (CDPSE), lecturer FH Wien

CDR Austria about Trusted AccountsFH-Wien about Trusted AccountsWebsite-Datenschutz about Trusted Accounts
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