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Compare Trusted Accounts to common account verification methods

Comparison of Verify with Trusted with other verification methodsComparison of Verify with Trusted with other verification methods

Award winning solution

How it works

Trustworthy account verification

Most users do not verify themselves online for privacy reasons. But not with Trusted Accounts. Users trust that Trusted Accounts keeps their data save. You increase your verification rate and build more relevant communities.

Verify with Trusted Button
Trusted keeps your identity secret.

Place this button on your platform to start the verification

User start creating a new Trusted Account by entering an email address. The user get informed that Trusted Accounts protects the users privacy throughout the verification.
User enters a password to create a Trusted Account
User enters phone number to verify the Trusted Account
User enters verification code that has been sent to the phone number to verify the Trusted Account

Fast account verification

A user simply enters a valid phone number, which we anonymize directly. We check for VoIP numbers, check providers, etc. to make fraud costly and time-consuming.

Efficient moderation

Getting a new phone number is always costly for the user, which gives the platform the upper hand in moderation and enables them to protect against bots and trolls.

AI moderation

AI has become just too authentic. To stay relevant, platforms have to introduce user verification. Trusted Accounts is the sweet spot between usability, privacy and user moderability.

User love it

Don't scare off your users with ID or video call verification. Trusted Accounts works with large online communities - even anonymous ones.

Full user privacy

We fully encrypt all data and destroy all links from any personal data (e.g. the phone number) to the accounts. We make it technically impossible for us to hand out any personal data.

Cross-platform IDs

We provide every user with a new ID per platform. So platforms can not share data with each other without user consent based on verification IDs.

No app required

Many verification services require the users to install an app. Trusted Accounts allows every user to verify within seconds without an app. To maximize your verification rate.

Cross-platform trust

Users do not have to trust every platform to protect their privacy. With Trusted Accounts they know their data is secure.

How do we keep users anonymous?

Learn more about it in our FAQs or just try out the verification process yourself to see how it works and feels.

We leave nothing to be desired

Made for developers

Trusted Accounts supports many open-source oAuth and OIDC libraries and your favorite SSO WordPress plugin. Implement Trusted Accounts on your platform and start the account verification within 30 minutes.

Works with your moderation tools

Libraries in over 24 languages

Certified oAuth2.0 & OIDC API

Versioned API changes

Email & Phone Support

Read the docs
Code to implement "Verify with Trusted"

Verify with Trusted

Trusted Accounts is compatible with OIDC libraries in 24+ languages and with the most popular SSO and oAuth plugins.
View OIDC Libraries
Servers are located in Europe

"In Trusted Accounts, we see the potential to increase our verification rate and thus be able to moderate fake accounts, trolls, hate and disinformation more efficiently."

Florian Stambula

Head of Product, DER STANDARD

Logo Der Standard

„Anyone who uses Trusted Accounts is sending a clear signal about a sustainable and digitally ethical platform economy.”

Karin Dietl

Self-employed data protection lawyer (CDPSE), lecturer FH Wien

Logo FH Wien

„We at VSDI hope that Trusted Accounts will soon be used on many online platforms to moderate disinformation and hate on the Internet more efficiently.”

Christian Wilke

Managing Director VSDI e. V., Bundesdruckerei GmbH


We are not in it for the money

Costs per account verification

Money is not our motivation. We keep prices as low as possible and only charge once per verification to allow every platform to integrate Trusted Accounts. We even support platforms that can’t afford our account verification.

Money is not our motivation. Ensuring our independence and existence is.

Transparent Pricing

Start now to get a 30 days free trial.

Our profits for a peaceful web.

Trusted Accounts uses its profits to transparently support non-profit organisation that make the internet a better place.

Free “Login with Trusted”

We will never charge platforms for letting users in. This ensures that platforms can keep their Trusted Accounts active, even if they decide to quit their contract with us

Support for small platforms

We offer free trials and support platforms that can’t afford Trusted Accounts for their platform account verification. Just contact our sales team for support.

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